Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Not me ... agh... why?

the world around me is asleep 
not me ..... 
wide awake at 1:30 AM 
it makes for a long work day 
I usually feel like I could lay down and sleep 
about the time it's time to get ready 
I need to sleep 
I work long hours 
work out hard 
::::::: sigh::::::: 
going to be a long one today 
maybe I will try again ....
need to sleep 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sally and a plateau finally busted

I have been stuck in the 160's for 5 MONTHS!!! 
stuck ... not moving... 
I had a side trip to "I don't care land" for 6 weeks, but really??!! 
5 months now!!! 
well not any more!! 
finally I busted through this morning 
181.4 was start weight when I got back from Hawaii in 2015
yepper I was a big un!! 
we are going back to Hawaii this year but I will be enjoying it a WHOLE lot more 
the 150's wowsa!!! so long earned 
the 150's... they remember me!!! 
well I am back... in da groove 
back to 2 shakes a day 
back to weekly cleansing 
no no just kidding!!! 
cleanse day's are all good 
I always feel amazing day after 
yep I am getting there 
next goal 155!! 
let's do this! 

Friday, February 24, 2017


something is blocking me 
I am having a hard time 
so dumb 
I am a grown adult 
and such a big dumb dumb (as a loved one would tell me) 
I get Ralph Marston in my email daily (so cheap and so worth it!!!!!) 
so I searched fear this morning 

On the other side of fear

I will watch a Youtube on my way to work about pushing through the fear 
Gotta get through this 
need to pray and study on it 
tootles and have a GREAT day bloggity folks 

Thursday, February 23, 2017


yesterday I did a Facebook  live 
I am starting them again 
when I stumble on something to talk about 
yesterday was about my day and accountability 
but in the afternoon I was struggling to stay focused
 I sent a text to a friend 
we text each other back and forth to stay accountable 
that I was having an "I don't care moment" 
and she texted me back.... 
you have to update your Facebook live on how you did 
oh yeah boy!! that kept me on track!!! 
I was the Golden girl yesterday!!! 
and the scale was nice to me 
almost almost almost 
those 150's are being stubborn 
but I'll get cha!! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


I had my macro count done

It wasn't a huge shock but what is is the amount of protein 
160 is a lot and kind of hard to hit 
most days I am like close 
but no cigar 
so I can tweek my focus 
to hit my goals 
the calories I was right on point 
today is a cleanse day 
essentials are packed 
so macro counts don't apply 

later taters 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

just keep at it!

I am getting there, slow but that's okay 
today is a day off, lunch with the son, some studying and relaxing 
I will make dinner for the hubster... that doesn't happen very often 
scale was 161.4 this morning 
after seeing 165 on the regular I know I am headed in the right direction 
help from a friend in keeping me accountable 
lotsa gym time 
keeping the diet simple 
only 21 more pounds to go 
nah... I can't evcn think that 
just get back into the 150's girl 
then we can take it one step at a time! 
tootles till later 
less of me that is 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

planning for the week

I like routine
same coffee in the morning, same breakfast 
it's just easy and I don't have to think to much 
and shakes same ole same ole 
frozen yogurt same ole 
the only thing I need to change daily is 

stop mindless eating 
my big meal 

and seeing how I have tuna for days 
I think I don't have to think next week 
also a cleanse day 
and my week is planned 

I am feeling focused 
pretty sure I got my groove back 
yep, me and Stella 
later taters! 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

yesterdays grub bub

today's eats @ 1512 calories 
6 egg whites on 2 LF Eggo 
2 of these 
protein shake/Starbucks
2 shots of espresso 
with 4 pumps SF cinnamon   
Bimbo high fiber toast with Guacamole 
Bimbo high fiber toast with 
a pack of tuna and some guacamole 
SF yogurt @ 128 calories 
total 1512
carbs 195, protein 120, fat 37, fiber 36, sugar 45
also worked out for an hour and drank 90 ounces of water 
but still not in the 150's yet 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

the best laid plans

so I planned my whole week 
I packed food for it 
I was prepared for the battle 
and then things started to slide yesterday 
and I quickly realized I had a choice on how to handle this 
fall victim to my stress and emotions and throw away my efforts 
I wasn't the "perfect" picture 
but I got through yesterday at a maintainer status 
2044 calories 
weight was 162.4 yesterday 
Yesterday I got into a size 8 work pants and 
they were NOT skin tight 
comfy, just right 
I got this people 
let's ALL go out there and have a coolio day 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday morning thoughts

tried a cleanse yesterday 
meh....  made it until 6:30 so it's all good 
and I felt amazing this morning!!! 
 I used to breeze through a cleanse 
2 days no problemo... 
not so much now 
but I gave it a go and made it 24 hours so I am good with dat 
today will be 6 days in a row in the gym 

yep I am a maniac!!! 
for you millennials this is an 80's song  
today is going to busy 
workout, an open house, lunch with a pal, and church tonight 
don't let the weekend derail the week's progress! 
lots of stress and anxiety this last week 
but I am coping... 
only one slip up 
gotta keep plugging along 

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