Saturday, February 4, 2017

27 = 3.85 = .96 HUH?

so let's talk food 
and weight 
I have some challenges... duh I work in a grocery store 
and I am there 50 hours a week 
surrounded by cookies, chips, candy, fresh baked cookies 
and this at home 
my husband loves chips  
and cookies  
but my refrigerator is pretty good 
a balance of two kinds of eaters  
ditto the freezer
I have Halo top ice cream 
and Dreyers 
quick meals for him
LF Eggo's for me 
and some veggie burgers  
breakfast yesterday morning 
80 calorie tortilla 
4 egg whites 
a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese 
and of course Pico Pica 
trying to get to this 
and here is where I am 
it's 27 pounds 
and I have until mid September 
MAJOR family event in September 
that's 3.85 pounds per month 
less than  a pound per week 
actually .96
you can do this 
audio book I am listening to 
tootles bloggity friends 

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