Sunday, February 5, 2017

my muddled mind and Thank you Winona

so my mind is a little screwy 
one day on a diet and I am confused why my pants aren't looser 
then I am at the gym ... mind you after ONE day of good eating 
girl you look good 
to which I crash and burn and eat like a maniac 
isolate... hide 
too fat to work out
but back on track the next day 
killing it for a few days 
scale goes down 
and I am thinking I got this!!! 
packing my food... planning menus 
talking to friends to help and motivate each other 
then I get it together for 3-4 days 
and then the cycle repeats 
need to stop the cycle 
I want to be a CYCLE BUSTER! 
so what's working is calorie counting 
lots of water 
working out 
daily accountability with a friend 


  1. Love your blog. Its great and I am on the same journey. Stuck in the 160's.....

  2. Great Great Great... consistency over time, no miracle cures... stay the course


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