Thursday, February 9, 2017

Not every day is a winner

I have always heard that it's all about your mindset 
you have to have the right attitude
 we all have seen all these attitude sayings 
but maybe it isn't so much my attitude but my self image 

one week... ONE WEEK ago... like 7 days 
I felt like ginormous, huge, a land whale 
then yesterday I popped into a clothes store and tried on jeans
I am in a 12-10 
I can't seem to give up my comfy size 14 jeans that fall off my arse 
I look schlumpy 
is that a word? 
schlumpy? it is in my world 
so I try on size 10's too big 
shirt size large too big 
I get mad and leave the store 
girl you are so dumb! 
okay time to go back to the super bowl post 
just do your job 
trust the process
ignore the score 
worry about the next play 

I think I was mad cause I am struggling to get into the 150's 
and a size 10 is 150 weight range for me 
stupid vanity sizing ... that's why I don't shop at Old Navy 
this is a stupid post 
oh well every day can't be a winner 

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