Friday, February 10, 2017

raw and real

I deleted this email like promptly, lickety split ... pronto 
I subscribe and get this in my email every day 
Ralph Marston is the bomb! 
but this one was harder for me 
maybe it hit too close to home 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Lessons of life

By Ralph Marston
Take no satisfaction in the failure of others. Learn from it.
Harbor no resentment at the success of others. Learn from it.
Learn from what works, from what doesn't work. Learn from sparkling new ventures and grand old stories.
Learn from the pain, and from the pleasure too. Learn from what amazes you, what repulses you, what drains you, what energizes you.
Learn by challenging what you know. Learn by admitting what you don't know.
Life's lessons contain some of its greatest value. Seize every opportunity to learn, and claim that value for your own.
I think maybe sometimes I do harbor resentments... I would like to say I am this perfect person that doesn't but I do ... why does it seem so easy for you? but I struggle my butt off and obtain maybe a quarter of what you can? GRRRR 
I need to keep myself open to what works.. I have learned from the pain... boy oh boy yeah, some lumps I have taken and seriously I am the one usually inflicting them upon myself 
What drains me, what energizes me, challenges me 
yes there is SO much I don't know 
and I get mad when I can't figure things out, and you don't explain them so I get it, then I feel dumb and isolate 
man you see how it is so noisy inside this crazy mind of mine!!! 
The seizing every opportunity to learn part I am slow at. This is where I need to do some work. I feel such feelings of inadequacy and like I can't learn what you do, how you do it, how you make it work... that I pretend it has no value... not because it does, but because I am afraid 
yikes this may be a little too raw and real!!! 
oh well this is me  

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