Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sally and a plateau finally busted

I have been stuck in the 160's for 5 MONTHS!!! 
stuck ... not moving... 
I had a side trip to "I don't care land" for 6 weeks, but really??!! 
5 months now!!! 
well not any more!! 
finally I busted through this morning 
181.4 was start weight when I got back from Hawaii in 2015
yepper I was a big un!! 
we are going back to Hawaii this year but I will be enjoying it a WHOLE lot more 
the 150's wowsa!!! so long earned 
the 150's... they remember me!!! 
well I am back... in da groove 
back to 2 shakes a day 
back to weekly cleansing 
no no just kidding!!! 
cleanse day's are all good 
I always feel amazing day after 
yep I am getting there 
next goal 155!! 
let's do this! 


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