Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday morning thoughts

tried a cleanse yesterday 
meh....  made it until 6:30 so it's all good 
and I felt amazing this morning!!! 
 I used to breeze through a cleanse 
2 days no problemo... 
not so much now 
but I gave it a go and made it 24 hours so I am good with dat 
today will be 6 days in a row in the gym 

yep I am a maniac!!! 
for you millennials this is an 80's song  
today is going to busy 
workout, an open house, lunch with a pal, and church tonight 
don't let the weekend derail the week's progress! 
lots of stress and anxiety this last week 
but I am coping... 
only one slip up 
gotta keep plugging along 

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