Wednesday, February 8, 2017

slippery slope

I read an Instagram post the other day 
and it just made me think about the slippery slope 
 basically if I am not careful I will fall flat on my backside 
and I see people/friends/family all the time walking this slippery slope 
easy for me to see YOU.... harder for me to see me
I know I need to keep my eye's on myself 
booze.... nope I don't go there 
I need to take this same philosophy with junk food 
just plain ole NO 
 that was me yesterday 
not going to let the stress and daily life derail me 
get over yourself Karla 
this is life 
deal with it 
so I just got busy ... got out of my head and lost myself in the days events 
this morning my food is packed and tracked (I use My Fitness pal
I will be in the gym this morning at 4:45 
It's going to be a good day bloggity folks 

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