Thursday, March 23, 2017

Dieting vs lifestyle

I don't like to think of being "on a diet"
I have thought that way before .... 2010 when I lost 60 pounds 
but that thought process set me up to regain back a lot of the weight 
I have dropped some of this weight ... 
but I don't look at it as a "diet" 
those end 
this is about living a healthy life
yeah sure sometimes I stumble 
but I persist 
I pick myself up 
dust myself off and keep going 
no quitting allowed 
setbacks happen 

I am not on a diet!!!! 

post inspired by my blog pal Sean

1 comment:

  1. Agree with you 100%. Lifestyle, not the D word!
    Too many years (decades actually) of diets, and the inevitable disasters when they come to an end.
    So, no more diets, just a sensible, sustainable lifestyle for this fat lass too.
    Cheers, Deniz


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