Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fitness in your fifties

straight post 
let's just talk 

20's for me
babies, diet pills... ZERO exercise.... my idea of exercise at the time was coupon clipping and housework in a two story house... I was a size 14 back in the 70's now I think that is a 6... I pretty much ate what I wanted... never read a nutrition label... wait did they even have nutrition labels in the 70's? pregnancy #1 delivery weight was 199 and 
when I got pregnant with my daughter I STARTED at 199!!! yikes 
two kids... worked full time ... stretch pants, permed hair... Oh wow was I a train wreak! not a good decade for me ..... these were definitely my heaviest years and I wasn't a candidate for the Mom of the year award .... that's for sure!!! 
kids getting older... harder harder decade.... diet pills!!! whoopie!!! ahhh no!!! booze... 
yeah no ... isolation is the norm 

this has been the best .... improved my relationships with God, husband, my children, understood the importance of building relationships with other humans ... getting comfortable with being uncomfortable... understanding this is growth which leads to a richer life 
so bottom line 

it gets better
and better 
and better 


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