Tuesday, March 21, 2017

just one single day

can make such a difference 
I feel like a rock star this morning!!! 
I did a Facebook live this morning about people watching you/me 
people are always watching what we do 
how we speak, our moods, our passions 
I want to be an example for my children 
to be bold, courageous, healthy, happy, inspiring 
yeah I have set a tall order for myself!!! wowsa! 
but when you entered college and looked at the syllabus 
you also were probably overwhelmed... like NO WAY!!! I can't do all that 
 but just take the next step
focus on the next thing you have to do 
break things down 
baby steps 
and you will (I will) get there 
it's a journey people 
today I will do better than I did yesterday 

1 comment:

  1. It is a journey...and we are learning each and every day...and those lessons make us more capable and stronger!!!


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