Saturday, March 18, 2017

uh oh what's coming?

So I have come to realize I am a dabbler

Definition of dabbler

  1. :  one that dabbles: such asa :  one not deeply engaged in or concerned with something
I don't want to be a dabbler 
This David Woods Podcast made me realize I am a maybe like 70 percent-er 

this sucks 
I have done Netflix binge's why not a self improvement binge? 
but listening to the above mentioned podcast made me realize there are so many things in my life I am kinda... sorta... serious about and health and fitness is the MAJOR area I need to fix this 
I do good... focused and then kapow off track by like a million percent 
it is because I am not a 100% committed 
I have commitment issues 
on a path to revamp my health and fitness commitment 
watch out world 
here I come 
psycho Karla 

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  1. Well, shoot. When it comes to fitness and a healthy lifestyle apparently, I am a dabbler as well. Ok, fine. When it comes to nearly everything in my life I am a dabbler. Dang. Podcast, here I come. :)


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