Thursday, March 30, 2017

unedited and now sleeping

pulled an over nighter last night 
I am writing this post Wednesday night and I will post it Thursday when I get home from work 
so it is a backwards accountability post 
I have been so good with my food 
on point 
consistent for quite a while... not sure how long... I will look tomorrow
so I am packing 
my first meal, my first shake and half my water 
 so it'll be crazy town tonight 
a lot to do 
and with no sleep 
so I will be coffee powered 
and tired, but I have to stay on plan 
and understand if I have a freak out moment
that is the exhaustion 
I'll be fine 
a day in my life 
a challenging day 
so if this gets posted unedited ... 
I made it and am on my way to get some rest 
go back to check the title... that will tell the tale 
side bar 
I am in a 30 day challenge group 
awesome ladies 
work out videos 
weekly check ins 
this group GETS results!!!
we will be starting another on in a few weeks 
drop me an email if you are interested

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