Friday, March 17, 2017

where, how to start

~~~~~ warning ranting post ~~~~~ 
where, how, when to start 
I get ANGRY when people make fun of people that are trying to better themselves 
like really? 
there is some story going around Facebook about 
a fitness model belittling a gal with love handles on the treadmill .... grrrrrr 
where did you start? me? 
I walked around the block... ate frozen Lean Cuisine meals, 
and I rocked it!!! 
I started with 20 minutes on the treadmill....
everyone starts somewhere
people we need to hold each other up 
support each other 
be understanding of one another 
stop the hater mentality 
be more understanding of folks 
hey... you don't know what someone has been through 
and here I sit typing and I myself can fall into this 
~~~~ hater judgmental state ~~~~ 
people have adult children.... they will set you straight 
my daughter set me straight yesterday 
so today I am going to try my best today 
to keep the attitude supportive
smile on my face 
and Judge Judy at bay 
I will tell her shut it when she sneaks in my head 
tootles folks 

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  1. I've seen that facebook post and it makes me steam!!!! No one knows what depths that person with the love hanes has already climbed from....or the courage it took for her to go to the gym in the first place!!!!! People are just plain stupid and mean.


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