Monday, March 20, 2017

writers block post

so here I sit 
let's see where this post goes .......
clothes shopped over the weekend 
that is a recipe for disaster 
of course I didn't buy anything 
tried on 10's 
yep they fit me solid 
am I happy about that? 
not even a little 
my daughter was by over the weekend and very complimentary 
does that life my spirits? 
what is up with this? why am I so hard on myself? some days I got this (in my head) positive, encouraging, inspiring and yet other days it's like the evil twin is renting space in my head... yikky yaking away and eroding my self esteem... who asked you???!!! 
no I think this is even better... ahhh LEAVE 
I need to serve the evil twin an eviction notice 
no longer welcome! 
get outta here 
go AWAY!!! 
thankfully the damage was minor ... a few days and I will be all good 
but it's the inner erosion 
the damage to self that I don't get 
yep I am a nut case 
lots of prayer for me today 
see yall tomorrow 

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