Wednesday, March 29, 2017

You don't have that power

always in the past I have freaked out because of you 
you say something and get me mad 
you say something that upsets me 
you are mean to me  
and I get myself ALL worked up 
well yesterday you went after me 
you were mean, verbally attacking 
critical of me 
critical of things I do ... and aggressively and in a mean demeaning way 
I started to feel myself lose it 
like seriously... lose it 
then I found it .. 
that small, tiny, eitsy bitsy thing inside me and I drew from it 
now mind you this is IN THE MOMENT 
and I decided no you don't have that power over me 
and it the moment it was those EXACT works in my mind 
"no I will not give you that power over me" 
and you know what... 
I made it through 
I didn't lose it 
I maintained my composure 
and I didn't let the encounter get me upset 
I didn't take it out on anyone 
I didn't EAT over it 
YOU are the issue 
not me 
in the past you would have spun me 
I would have taken it out on others 
hit the candy section 
gorged on food 
but NO!!!! 
I made a decision not to give you that power because
but I am powerful 
I am kind 
I am a leader 
I am resilient 
You can't control me 
You have NO power over me 
I treat people with kindness and respect 

and went on with the rest of my day!!!! 
boo yah! 
side bar 
I am in a 30 day challenge group 
awesome ladies 
work out videos 
weekly check ins 
this group GETS results!!!
we will be starting another on in a few weeks 
drop me an email if you are interested

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  1. FANTASTIC! Go you. I want to be able to do that. Seriously. :)


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