Saturday, April 8, 2017

2011 vs 2017

2011 is all the pictures
this is a post from March 2011 when I was 137
I am now 20 pounds heavier... yikes 
but I also have a lot more muscle mass (keep telling yourself that Karla......) 

2011 is also all highlighted in yellow 
muffin = one point or 80 calories
I never buy these any more... when I was doing Weight Watchers everything was about Fat/Fiber and calories... but these were good.... hummm maybe I need a Trader Joes run 
6 egg whites scrambled with onions, mushrooms and yellow bell pepper, some Parmesan cheese on a whole wheat La Tortilla tortilla
I would totally still eat this... I love the La Tortilla low carb tortillas 
I actually had 2 of these today
I used to buy these online, I ate soo many of these 
I have some in my freezer now (I think???) I can't remember the last time I ate these either 
I must have had GREAT control... now if I buy these I eat the entire box!!! 
I did eat a lot though for weighing 20 pounds less!!! 
3 ounces of tofu in the zero point WW soup
I like tofu, I stopped making it... the Familia didn't like the smell in the cooking process.... oh please... maybe I will revisit this also 
fro yo
yeppers still a favorite 
I don't seem to eat much fruit now 
carrots, cucumber and jicama
this was a STAPLE when I was losing ... I am soooooo going to add this back in 
broccoli with light Margarine and Parmesan (too much!)
I still do just plain ole broccoli but now instead of all the butter and cheese calories I use the butter popcorn seasoning 
so recap.... 
seems like I ate a lot more 
more of little bits 
maybe time to add back in some old tried and true foods that helped me 
not sure I will see the 130's again 
but who know? 


  1. Im focusing on learning to eat more fruits and vegetables.... ����

  2. Good luck on your weight loss journey Karla! You've given me a few ideas :)

  3. I should be eating more fruits and vegetables, you have given a some very good ideas and the images make it more appetizing, juicy in this hot summer!


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