Thursday, April 6, 2017

A, B, C's 2017 style

I have done this blog post a few times but this is the 2017 ABC list 
not a cut and paste post 

A - Almond butter on a rice cake is a yummy treat 
B - Bits... I got me too many wobbly bits ... Yeah for Spanx 
C - COFFEE!!!!! ... I have been told I drink too much .... haters 
D - Deep thoughts... this whole weight loss and weight management is a head trip not so much about what you eat ... at least for me 
E - Eggs, I usually buy 5 eighteen packs at Costco at a time, hard boil 2 or three of them 
F - Frozen yogurt, 128 calories for a Large Carb de light fro Yogurt Delight... ahhh yumm
G - Grateful, I stay VERY aware of how there is so much in my life I am grateful for 
H - Hustle, I have to hustle and keep my body moving! 
I - Isagenix, I use it daily... 2 shakes a day makes the pounds go away 
J - Jump squats... I did them this morning... ugh not a favorite 
K - Karla... hey that's me! 
L - Lifestyle, it's not a diet it's a lifestyle 
M - Meal Prep... it's all about having good food ready 
N - Nay sayers... I just ignore them... smile and nod... 
O - Organized I work hard to be organized 
P - Positivity, I listen to books, Podcasts, sermons anything I can to flood myself with positivity 
Q - Quinoa, I add it to my Green Giant mashed cauliflower 
R - Resentments... oh man those will drag me into a bad place, forgive and move on 
S - Stairmaster... again not a favorite, but I do so much treadmill I NEED to get on the stairs more often to mix up my cardio 
T - Tuna, I like the 100 calorie Starkist albacore tuna salad packets 
U - uphill ... kinda like incline but I cheated... I incline walk several times a week 
V - Victim... when I am in a social situation where people are pressuring me to eat I won't be a victim.... I eat my food 
W - Water, water, water I drink tons of water 
X - eXtra ... I chew WAY too much Extra gum 
Y - Yogurt, I don't eat a lot of it, just not into it right now, but when I do it's Fage 0% plain 
Z - Zip line... I will be zip lining in Hawaii in a few week.... weeee 

tootles bloggity folks 

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