Monday, April 24, 2017

Food confessional

so I used to do this when I started my blog 
picture upon picture of my food 
morning coffee 
but I stopped doing it because I thought it was too boring  
4 egg whites, low carb tortilla and 1 T Parmesan cheese 
but this blog was started as accountability for me and I kind of 
got away from that ... I think it may be time to get back to that place 
small but yummy 
ah yum  
4 egg whites, mustard and Bimbo crispy toast 
then I get/got embarrassed ... 
I eat a lot 
do I eat too much? 
will people judge me?  
Jolly Time 100 calorie popcorn
will they think I eat too many carbs? 
not enough protein? 
too much processed foods? 
2 cups grapefruit sections 
so I stopped
the chatter in my head was so LOUD 
and you know??? 
all self induced no one made those comments 
3.8 ounces chicken, green beans and I tried adding 
a bit of jalapeno mustard... it was GOOD!!! 
and I ate in secret... if I didn't tell the blog/the world
if I ate and no one saw
then it didn't count
ah no Karla!!! 
coffee with some half and half 
so good work was a crazy madhouse 
and the caffeine boost was much needed 
2 rice cakes ... another yum! 
oh this would have spun me 
Caramel... too much sugar 
I should be drinking a protein shake 
sheesh... Karla chill out girl!!!  
veggies, 3 ounces ground turkey breast 
and some Ranch popcorn seasoning 
but we each have our own way 
and I like eating right now 
it's satisfying me and I am losing the binge weight 
I am not some weight loss Leader
I am just me fighting my own demons
but I am fitting in a size 8 so I am not doing everything wrong
when I used to be in a 22
sure I miss my 4's but time will tell  
4 liters water 
and a low carb Sugar free frozen yogurt 
not a small 
not a child size 
a massive large one 
and I enjoyed every bite of it!!! 
this is truly a food confessional  
and the final numbers 
stayed in my calorie budget 
drank my water 
saw a loss this morning 
I listened to Sean's podcasts yesterday 
on the way to work and home 
food is packed for today
I am working out this morning 
all good in my hood 
tootles bloggity crew 
see you tomorrow 
less of me that is 


  1. I love your food pictures. I have tried new things because I saw it in your blog photos. That Trader Joe's egg white salad? Tried it. Bimbo toast? Tried it. And more...

  2. The food pictures really does keep one accountable doesn't it???


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