Saturday, April 22, 2017

I think maybe I forgot a basic rule

I ate yesterday... I mean I ATE!!! 
warning... boring food journal post 
I think maybe I have forgotten a rule
a basic rule 
morning coffee 
to lose weight you have to EAT 
2 Slices of high fiber crispy Bimbo toast 
4 egg whites 
100 calorie pack guacamole  
keep eating = not hungry 
not hungry = feeling satisfied  
feeling satisfied = no food binge 
cauliflower mash, quinoa and lean ground beef  
water liter #2 
vegetable soup AKA fart soup 
yep I was a stinker Belle yesterday 
smelly but working on my thin  
mixed vegetables, 3 ounces lean ground turkey 
and some Ranch flavored popcorn seasoning 

oops unplanned 50 calorie 
caramel rice cake 50 calorie 
water #3 with some Green tea flavored
 Crystal light stick 
and finally my sugar free Carb'd lite 
frozen yogurt 
okay okay I know this looks like a LOT 
and maybe it is 
I tweeted everything 
the link is upper right
but I stayed in the calorie budget 
worked out also 
so it was a good day! 
I think I need to stay on this path for a spell 
more FOOD 
it get's to be a PITA 
a lot of food = a lot of food prep so I 
get why I fall into the shakes mentality 
but for now 
let's go with this  
feeling good 
tootles bloggity crew 
see yall tomorrow 
less of me that is 


  1. Nice healthy options and even room for a nice treat!!!!

  2. Everything looks yum!

    Funny after my dietician gave me my new eating plan. I instantly thought of Karla can do it I can!


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