Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Kindred spirits

I saw on one of my Facebook groups someone was reading this book 
I bought the audio book and I am almost done with it
yikes! this woman Andie Mitchell has found a way to articulate what's in my brain
when she talks about going to another town to buy Burger King
I can so relate... I would go through the drive through on my way home and then eat dinner with my family when I got home!!! a small cheeseburger and onion rings for the drive home!!!
when she talks about stuffing food deep into the trash can.... yep I can relate
so much in this book is hitting home with me
and how she got over binge eating was therapy and journaling
I think I will start blogging at night and then posting it in the morning
It's a GREAT book 

so today I have a plan
yesterday I stuck to my plan, got in a good work out and drank my water
this weight loss/weight maintenance is possible

one day at a time
with Gods help

tootles bloggity folks


  1. I am getting the book today.

  2. I will be checking out the book. It sounds good. I'm glad it's resonating with you!!!!!


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