Friday, April 14, 2017

Not weight related

I know I cannot fix my loved ones issues 
I can't take on their pains 
I would love to carry their burdens 
I WISH to carry their burdens 
but I can't 
and it leaves me feeling powerless 
there's that word again 
maybe this is weight related after all 
I hurt to see them going through trials 
trials I cannot help with 
it hurts my heart 
I can pray for my loved ones 
I can be there for them 
in any way they need me 
but I can't carry or fix their burdens 
and it is hard 
hard to deal with this 
it hurts

I am not going to eat over this 
I am going to stay connected to God 
I will be using my commute for prayer 
and conversation with God 
so if you are in Los Angeles and 
you see some nutty lady 
driving, talking and maybe crying 
that'll be me 

I don't have some quirky antidote for this 
this is true life 

stay connected 
staying in prayer 
understand the feelings 
and the knowledge 
food is NOT the answer to this dilemma 


  1. Hugs to you as you watch family and loved ones struggle!!!!!!

  2. You're speaking my language, Karla. I so want to "fix" everything for my family, but I know that it is impossible. Standing with them and being positive is mostly all I can do. Yep, I'm an emotional eater and sometimes drinker as well. I keep trying to learn the lessons you are also learning. Happy Easter to you! :)


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