Tuesday, April 25, 2017

scale thoughts

I missed my morning coffee picture oops 
but I went to the gym for an hour and then had 
yogurts and 2 oranges 
I was hungry yesterday morning... must have been the work out  
2 rice cakes 
I am struggling this morning... 
thinking oh I will just do a shake day (only protein shakes) 
or a cleanse day 
because the scale went up  
4 hard boiled eggs whites, 2 slices Bimbo crispy toast 
and spicy mustard 
but here's the deal.... 
scale fluctuations happen... 
maybe I should weigh less 
I am a certified nutzo 
I weigh EVERY morning pretty much  
Green Giant mashed cauliflower
1/4 c Quoina 
3 ounces lean ground beef 
I think I will stay off the scale for a bit 
and just focus on my plan 
1596 calories a day 
move my body 5-6 times a week 
3-4 liters of water a day  
110 calories of Jiffy pop 
this snack I love 
keeps me full and I feel like I am indulging 
glad I added this one back i 
vegetable soup and some water 
flavored with some Crystal light tea 
broccoli and 3 ounces of ham 
now even as I am typing this I am trying to see 
where and why there would have been a gain 
the gym? water retention from sore muscles trying to repair themselves? 
too much salt? ham, popcorn
oh wow Karla... you have too many artificial sweeteners
quiet my head!!! 
I am doing fine 
stop with the stress 
this is where I want to do something drastic to "fix" this that is "not working" 
no wonder I have struggled for YEARS 
see all this noise in my head? 
cray cray  
more water and my LARGE 128 calorie 
good day 
let the madness take a rest 
I am going to go into the kitchen 
pack my food for the day 
stay within my calorie budget 
and stay off the scale tomorrow 
see yall tomorrow 
less of me I hope 

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