Friday, April 28, 2017

tales of the cupcake part one

so this cupcake came home from my husbands work Monday night 
a co worker gave it to him 
looks harmless huh? well for me this is an invitation 
an invitation to binge 
it's been in the garage refrigerator since Monday night 
so got home from the gym and started to make my green juice  
and this will be two of my 3-4 liters of water 
stress buster here  
Vanilla Chai tea shake for the drive to work  
ah duh  
I love this but not sure I will make it again 
this is Green Giant mashed Cauliflower 
with 1/4 cup of quinoa and 3 ounces of lean ground beef 
336 calories for this meal... 
yeah it's a keeper maybe I think 
broccoli with 3 ounces diced ham 
it's funny whenever you see me eating ham 
or a soy burger 
this is usually just a choice I made 
because I ran out of chicken 
I need to be making more chicken!!!  
now this is a weird shake 
but stay with me folks 
don't leave 
my green juice, some unsweetened almond milk 
and a Vanilla Chai tea shake 
yep that's me the weirdo store manager 
walking around the store 
carrying the blender drinking my 
and lastly my sugar free frozen yogurt 
and yep still in the refrigerator 
now mind you it's been uncovered 
in this refrigerator for 
4 days 
but the hubster gets annoyed when I throw out his treats
but come on dude 
eat the silly cupcake already!!! 


  1. omg, preach it sister! my husband will take a bite out of a cookie or chocolate bar and leave the rest on the kitchen counter !!! i mean seriously who doesn't eat an entire cookie????

  2. Men! Did he forget about it? Mine would eat half and leave the other half. Just. To. Mess. With. Me. Ugh! 😳

  3. Kudos for the cupcake being in the garage fridge versus the kitchen fridge AND for the fact that it's still there!!!

  4. That cupcake has to be so dry and nasty by now. Ugh.

  5. Good grief. Having that cupcake around for four days is really unhelpful.


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