Friday, April 7, 2017

Thank you Sherman T Potter

I know we all have circumstances in our lives that are kinda crappy 
things we feel we don't have control over 
spouses, jobs, people ....  
but when you drown yourself in the "poor me's" 
this is victim mode  
had me an instance of this last week 
BIG time 
because of someone in my life 
but what I came to realize after listening to 
some podcast and sermons on the topic 
of how to deal with difficult people 
is I can control ME 
not you 
so oh Monkey Muffins...  
who is the problem of this victim mode? 
I control me and my response
 you were never the problem 
it's me 
oh Cow Cookies 
you are easier to blame 
but it was me all along 
oh Bull Cookies 
side bar 
I am in a 30 day challenge group 
awesome ladies 
work out videos 
weekly check ins 
this group GETS results!!!
we will be starting another on in a few weeks 
drop me an email if you are interested


  1. Well put!!! We are in control of how we react to things. It's so much easier to be positive! As for dealing with other people....if I can I've tried to distance myself. Negativity is contagious!!!!

  2. Love this.
    We can only ever be in control of ourselves,and our reactions, not the eejit responsible for whatever it takes to generate our reaction.
    It has also reminded me of a 'new' vocabulary which will come in very handy for work situations!


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