Sunday, April 23, 2017

The post of a million pictures

so I am still on eat eat eat and it's going great great great 
and I am watching the scale like a mad woman 
but it's going down  
4 egg whites 
1T Parmesan cheese 
low carb tortilla  
now don't quote me on this 
but eating more may just work for me  
4 whites on crispy Bimbo toast  
rice cake  
I am NOT even the teeny tiniest bit hungry 
this will definitely ward against the dreaded binge  
am I the only person that struggles with gain/lose 
or am I just a weirdo 
I was doing it like a ROCKSTAR then I got a compliment 
and woosh into binge land 
green beans and chicken
veggies and ground turkey 
I think this would qualify me for the nut house! 
veggie soup  
and my SF frozen yogurt  
since I didn't work out I thought I would wear my fitbit 
this is normal Saturday activity as a Grocery Store Manager 
but I do have a large store  
yeah right :P 
this is the only thing about the my Fitness pal 
it can be a tease 

and the days fitbit numbers 
sad sad day 
Rest in Peace Erin Moran 

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