Saturday, April 1, 2017

Weekend plans

good morning blog and internet
Day off today and tomorrow ~~~ holla but lot's to do
and I have to stay on course
today I will stay to my 2 shakes, 2 meals and a snack 
I created a list I have so much to do today 
but I am not going to be silly and get overwhelmed on my weekend off!!! 
it's more of a wanna list 
things I wanna get done 
weekends have been a problem for me 
too much time and too much food 
but not this weekend!!! 
I am not going to open my eye's Monday morning full of regrets 
I got this!!!! 
side bar 
I am in a 30 day challenge group 
awesome ladies 
work out videos 
weekly check ins 
this group GETS results!!!
we will be starting another on in a few weeks 
drop me an email if you are interested

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