Wednesday, May 31, 2017

One topic

you can get them everywhere 
but I make a KILLER hard salad 
so what is a hard salad you may be asking yourself? 
It's a salad I make that keeps 
it's in my Ebook 
so here's the dealio 
cole slaw mix
broccoli slaw mix 
cherry tomatoes 
garbanzo beans
diced red peppers
diced celery
grated carrots 
cold cooked green beans 
then before I leave for work in the morning I add 2 T of Light balsamic 
a serving of low fat cottage cheese and a splash of balsamic vinegar 

so good 
I am starting week 4 
so far no binge 
did 71 minutes at the gym this morning 
2 miles 
and 4 weight circuits and an ab circuit 
Beast mode! 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

food picture post

Good Monday Morning bloggity peeps 
yesterday was food prep day
ingredients, calories and this coming week will be 
drum roll please 
this DID not take tons of time...
I watched a movie on Netflix ... Wild Oats
and when the movie was done, so was the meal prep 
getting ready  
"hard salad" done 
cole slaw, broccoli slaw, shredded carrots, cucumber
garbanzo beans, edamame, some cold cooked green beans, 
cherry tomatoes, jicama to this I will add 
cottage cheese, some light balsamic vinegar dressing
and viola 
this is just some baked vegetables 
yes it's there under the chicken 
and 3 ounces of chicken 
meal: 253
I messed up in MFP it's supposed to be baked Veg and chicken 
and not baked Beg and chicken 
this is an old old old family favorite 
SF Lime jello, shredded carrots, shredded apple
shredded pineapple and lowfat cottage cheese 
202 calories  
and lastly I made an egg beaters frittata 
it's just some baked vegetables 
Zucchini, mushrooms, onions, shredded carrots
and some peppers
with a carton of egg beaters 
113 calories  
so my week is going to be easy peasy 
with eating the above... and more 
calories for today will be 1515
protein 122
carbs 183
fat 40

my carbs should be lower... but whatever 
not willing to give up my frozen yogurt 
and I got in a killer work out yesterday!!!! 
yep I CAN push myself 
tootles bloggity peeps 

Monday, May 29, 2017

last 3 weeks recap ...

I have been tracking my weight and calories and workouts for the last few weeks now 
week 1
beginning weight 163.8 
ending weight 161.4
weekly average weight 162
average calories 1668
worked out 5 time 

week 2
beginning weight 161.4
ending weight 159.8
weekly average weight 160.4
average calories 1696
worked out 5 time 

week 3
beginning weight 159.8 
ending weight 160.6
weekly average weight 159.2
average calories 1917
worked out 6 times 

last week was a week that will hit my memory banks for a few reasons... 
and not good reasons 
but the fact that it was such a personally awful week and 
I DID NOT binge is HUGE for me 
so I have this week planned fitness wise
looking at the above numbers I have to pull back the calories some 
this morning a hike with the hubster 
then I will be doing some cooking 

egg white fritada
SF jello's
baked vegetables 

the above 3 weeks looks slow but I am good with it 

if you JUST look at the averages I am losing 

and this isn't a quick fix 
those just don't work for me 
not just a month long goal 
this is life 
a lifestyle 
I got this 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

not weight or fitness related

2 days off 
oh my baggebees 
I need this 
work ...............

why couldn't I have been born with a silver spoon in my mouth? 
born into a life of wealth? 

what's with this working for a living junk? 
hey now girl get a grip 
chill out 
ain't so bad 
.... really?.....
back to the original statement 
yeah!!! 2 days off!!! 
onward and downward 

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Thank you Grace and Frankie

psst hey yo I got something for you...
lose 15 pounds in a week!!! 
go from a size 22 to a 4!!! 
in a week!!! 
what? no...... that won't work? 
awe dang 
you mean I have to be patient?
deal with things going slow 
hey.... about that quick fix....  
no... I like to eat 
so you mean I have to track my food? count macros and calories? 
even.... gulp worklout!!!??
oh all right  
if I have to  
and there will be weight fluctuations even?? 
how is that even FAIR???!!!  
you mean I have to learn to work through all this 
oh..... all right.... 
you mean I can ACTUALLY like what I am eating? 
and enjoy this proccess? 
even make this a ..... gulp.... lifestyle? 
okay... I am in!!!  
keep going? 
no magic prize at the end of the rainbow?  
just a sense of well being? 
feeling good about myself? 
and feeling good in my skin?  
okay let's do this peeps!!!! 

Friday, May 26, 2017

REALLY? ah no!

I use all kinda of gizmos
My Fitness Pal

Itrack Bites

and according to all these I should have lost mega pounds by now!
and burned TONS of calories
I have even walked longer than the walk!!
This morning for example
I dusted off yee old treadmill just to get in something
an old trainer once told me
a little bit of saomething is better than a whole lot of nothing
so I look at my Fitbit after

I DID NOT walk for an hour 
true I wear my fitbit on my ankle, but it itches on my wrist 
and it's not attractive 
so I am always reminding myself 
these little gizmos ARE NOT accurate 
oh well 
to steal Anne's line 
onward and downward 

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