Sunday, May 7, 2017

Back from vacation

Hi dee hoo bloggity friends!!! 
let me tell yah... let me tell yah 
^^^^ Public Facebook picture album 
This was a FIRST for me... maybe ever 
I wore a bikini bathing suit and felt zero body consciousness 
no embarrassment, no feeling fat, no constant comparing to others 
I saw larger women, smaller women, shorter, taller, ladies of all ethnic background and you know what... They were all (as far as I could tell) enjoying themselves and had zero cares as to me and my world they were all enjoying their own vacations and families.... 
This was/is HUGE for me!!! 
now I may fall right back into the "OMG I am so fat" mind set 
but for now I am not there and enjoying it 
but I don't think I will weigh myself until next Friday 
when I do my weekly check in with my trainer 
so back to my 
2 shakes 
2 meals and a snack 
consistency beats intensity every time 
and I just am striving for consistency 
vacation was amazing!!! 
but back to life 
today: Church, shop, laundry and cooking 
tootles noodles 

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