Friday, May 12, 2017

boring? no pay attention!

so if you are in your 20's this post will bore you 
in your thirtys... eh you may read like another sentence 
in your fourties? girl you better pay attention 
and in your 50's yeah we know, huh? 

now I am no authority, just some regular Joe that knows how to read 
but I know that as we age our metabolism slows down... 
this is a fact 
eat less is the only answer... but I personally don't like this answer 
so start strength training!!!! 
strength training can boost yoour resting metoblic rate!
get some cardio in
eat your protein 

it's simple yet so hard 

but there are most tips... maybe for another post 
there's a great article in this month's Prevention magazine 
yeah those little ones by the check out at the grocery store 
The May issue 
well worth the $5 

gotta run 
get it? gotta run? Wonder Woman? 
I am such a major dork ......... 

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