Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Crazy or normal?

a moment in my crazy mind  
hummmm I should go mooch a cookie 
no Karla 
hummmm candy? 
no no no you packed your food 
Weight Watchers sent me ANOTHER email... hummm??? should I go back? 
I should delete the MFP app I am too obsessed... NOOOOOO!!!!! 
maybe the itrackbites app? 
maybe both the itrackbites app and the MFP app 
what about fitness? ... should I try this? or that? 
Is this a good place? maybe not? maybe 
should I give those away? throw them in the trash? 

why am I even thinking about this? 
should I book this? 
did I enjoy the class? no? yeah? 
why am I even worried about this person?
they don't obsess about you.... let it go Karla
like who cares!!??
man I am tired, I should go to sleep... 
ohhh nah I should check my Facebook.... humm what's new on Instagram?

man I am tired this morning 
oh puppy do you want some scratches? 
awe so cute 
man it's early 
should I book the class?

shut up!!!! 
am I even normal??? 
no wonder I can't make a decision .... 

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