Monday, May 15, 2017

give it a month

I read a bit ago that you have to give any new change a month
give it a solid 4 weeks
before you make any changes to the new changes
how do you know if the new is going to work?
give it some time
this is the hardest thing for me ... giving things time
but in some ways it has been freeing
when I wake up and get on the scale....
and it isn't cooperating with my effort...
I just think ... give it time Karla
a month.... you don't know if it's working until you have a solid month
I have made this for a solid week 
7 FULL days I have tracked every calorie 
even when I felt like I wasn't doing quite so good 
wow! I can't remember the last time I went 7 full days 
without saying "oh phooey this is stupid, I don't care" 
ahhh liar yes you do care Karla 
and the biggest acomplishment is there hasn't been 
a total freak out day this last week 
I just keep thinking to myself 
this takes time 
time girl 
give it time 
keep tracking, workout and time 
 I worked out 5 days last week 
 my average day was 1668 calories 

I can live with that 

losing and still having 1668 calories 
boo yah baby 

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