Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How about dem vegetables?

I am kind of a lazy vegetable eater 
nothing all gourmet here 
I have to admit to having eaten a field of broccoli in my life 
just last night, I made dinner for the family and wasn't into it 
and I made it hahaha 
Filet... to rare for me .... sweet potato hash... too much butter for me 
so I just ate the broccoli.... a ginormous bowl with popcorn salt 
love this stuff!!!! 
anyways... this post is about vegetables 
focus Karla 
broccoli... love usually frozen 
spaghetti squash.... love fresh though
acorn squash... love fresh duh 
but I have to be careful with the winter squashes 
and not eat too much of them in a week 
I love these new riced vegetables!!! 
love cauliflower and even more the riced ones from Trader Joes 
I will buy several at a time 
love love love them 
I have tricked my brain to think of them as rice!! 
salads love them... duh 
Brussel sprouts ... hummm like but... 
yeah they make me gassy 

figured we would end on the farty note today 

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