Saturday, May 20, 2017

I try and be careful

not to judge 
what works for you doesn't always work for me!! 
One of my blogging bud's is total Low Carb 
gals at my work have been banded, sleeved and bypassed 
ladies at my gym use a nutritional system 
Other bloggers are total Paleo 
we all have different ways 
but it's hard if you are CONVINCED your way is the ONLY way 
we are all different and individual
I try and always remember this
and keep my eye's on myself 
what's been working for me? 
last week 1668 average and lost 1.8
this week 1697 average so far and down another 1.4 so far 
 ::: official week ends for me Monday morning::::
and what is MOST EXCITING of all is I have not binged in almost 2 weeks!!! 
not an evening freak out food session
nope, nada, zip, ziltch!!! 
also making sure to exercising 5 days a week minimum 
and drinking a gallon of water a day 
we are all individual 
once I embraced this 
it was so freeing 
I don't have to do you 
I can just do me 
what a concept!!! 

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