Sunday, May 14, 2017

In Honor of Mother's Day

In honor of Mother'day
so let's talk you about Mommyhood 
finishing the little ones plates 
because come on you can't waste that quarter of a sandwich, right? 
or I did.... every time 
and then of course I bought all the yummy junk food 
because "come on the kid's like it" 
was it good for them.... ah no!! 
and I can't even tell you how much fast food I fed my kiddo's... 
I will never win the Mom of the year award 
for setting my children up for good nutritional habit's 
they ate A LOT of fast food 
my kid's are grown and I am proud to report 
lead normal lives 
for the most part 
just kidding they are totally normal 
in case on a fluke they decide to read this today
which my family NEVER reads my blog 
so any whoosle 
moral of the story..... 
if you don't, won't, shouldn't eat it 
then don't feed it to your kids 
unfortunatly this advise no one gave me 
I was of the "just feed them sometimes" generation 
Have a GREAT Mother's day 

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