Monday, May 29, 2017

last 3 weeks recap ...

I have been tracking my weight and calories and workouts for the last few weeks now 
week 1
beginning weight 163.8 
ending weight 161.4
weekly average weight 162
average calories 1668
worked out 5 time 

week 2
beginning weight 161.4
ending weight 159.8
weekly average weight 160.4
average calories 1696
worked out 5 time 

week 3
beginning weight 159.8 
ending weight 160.6
weekly average weight 159.2
average calories 1917
worked out 6 times 

last week was a week that will hit my memory banks for a few reasons... 
and not good reasons 
but the fact that it was such a personally awful week and 
I DID NOT binge is HUGE for me 
so I have this week planned fitness wise
looking at the above numbers I have to pull back the calories some 
this morning a hike with the hubster 
then I will be doing some cooking 

egg white fritada
SF jello's
baked vegetables 

the above 3 weeks looks slow but I am good with it 

if you JUST look at the averages I am losing 

and this isn't a quick fix 
those just don't work for me 
not just a month long goal 
this is life 
a lifestyle 
I got this 

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