Thursday, May 11, 2017

let's talk exercise

so let's talk a minute about exercise
way way back in 2009 actually my second post I started exercising
just a walk around the block
I was WINDED!!! like yikes!
then in my last post of 2010 I recapped how I walked 398 miles on my treadmill 
for the entire year of 2010
then in 2011 I started with a trainer 
I have been pretty much been training with a trainer since, 
sprinkle in a few months off in there for an OrangeTheory phase 
but I am basically a lazy turd 
If someone is not pushing me I will sit on the couch eating until I blow up like a balloon 
so well worth the cost in my book 
I work out 5-6 times a week depending on my schedule 
5AM is my slotted time Monday thru Friday and Saturdays an extra class sometimes 

For me I have to do what I enjoy... I enjoy lifting 
yes I know I may be a bit of an uncoordinated doofus but I love it 
and I know it keeps my metabolism stoked 

I see these ladies eating 1000-1200 calories and I think.... HOW? no ...a better question would be why? why would you put yourself through the agony of no food, damage your metabolism and deprive yourself like that? makes no sense to me 
now I am in no way/shape or form an expert ... duh like I needed to even say that right? but the older I am getting the more I am enjoying my workouts... they are 100% ME time!!! Time for me to take care of myself physically and emotionally by relieving stress 

ok... here let me climb off my soap box 
hahaha sorry 
tootles bloggity crew 

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