Tuesday, May 16, 2017

let's talk proteins

let's talk about proteins
eggs? no 
egg whites? I have at least 4 EVERY day 
this morning it was 4 egg whites, and 2 low fat Eggo's 
chicken? yep so much I think I have feathers 
I only do chicken breast, or thin sliced breasts
not a big fan of thighs
if I am feeling ultra lazy I will buy a rotisserie chicken 
but I am nervous how well they cleaned the chicken, and the sodium 
Pork? yes but only pork tenderloin 
we buy them when they are on sale
2-4 of them 
so easy 
salt, pepper, garlic salt and bake 
easy peasy 
I am off the bars, shakes and whey right now 
I have just been doing food 
I flip flop 
but I am a total foodies and I love to eat 

Dannon light is good calorie wise, but my all time favorite 
which I have added back is the Fage 2% plain 
add some honey, and walnuts 
totally worth the calories 
but I eat this slow because I love it 
ignore the comments 
this is a picture from back when I was counting Weight Watcher points 
but this is what I love and have added back 
next up...Turkey: 
I was buying only the ground turkey breast 
for several years I did that 
but now I mix it 
one package ground turkey breast 
one package regular ground turkey 
usually the Jennie-O brand 
so egg whites, chicken breast, Fage yogurt, turkey, pork tenderloin 
those are my go-to's 
I should should shlould do more fish 

hardly ever
maybe 3 times a month if I am lucky 
tuna and Halibut are about my only choices 
my husband freaks out when I cook salmon 
bummer because I love it 
I always order it out when we go to dinner 
soy? nah 
I went through a tofu phase, but I am over it 
I guess this is all normal 
just like everyone? 
yeah? no? 
who knows? 
its what works for me 
tootles bloggity folks 

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