Wednesday, May 24, 2017

not every day is a good day

I have had an upsetting few days
my mind is in a turmoil 
stress is pushing in on me and I am having a hard time 
My reaction to stress has always been to overeat 
I only slept a few hours last night 
another reaction to stress 
very hard to quiet my mind 
but today I journaled and I am recognizing my weight loss may stall 
not as a result of overeating... I have a plan and I am sticking to it 
but this is my bodies reaction to stress and lack of sleep 
to hold onto the weight 
like it is saying nah nah nah 
I am in control Karla!!! not you!!! 
but this is okay for now 
relax.... get through these next few days 
ride out the storm 
relax and give it to God 
I can't make everyone happy
I have to accept this 
and let go of certain things 
heavy post today 
not the usual happy go lucky motivational, inspirational jargon 
not every day is like that 
sorry dudes and dudetts 
but tomorrow... no today!!!!  is a new day 
I am going to make today a good day 
let it go 

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