Friday, May 26, 2017

REALLY? ah no!

I use all kinda of gizmos
My Fitness Pal

Itrack Bites

and according to all these I should have lost mega pounds by now!
and burned TONS of calories
I have even walked longer than the walk!!
This morning for example
I dusted off yee old treadmill just to get in something
an old trainer once told me
a little bit of saomething is better than a whole lot of nothing
so I look at my Fitbit after

I DID NOT walk for an hour 
true I wear my fitbit on my ankle, but it itches on my wrist 
and it's not attractive 
so I am always reminding myself 
these little gizmos ARE NOT accurate 
oh well 
to steal Anne's line 
onward and downward 

1 comment:

  1. My Fitbit once gave me credit for stairs as in a gazillion of them when I flew in a plane. It was awesome!!😂


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