Saturday, May 27, 2017

Thank you Grace and Frankie

psst hey yo I got something for you...
lose 15 pounds in a week!!! 
go from a size 22 to a 4!!! 
in a week!!! 
what? no...... that won't work? 
awe dang 
you mean I have to be patient?
deal with things going slow 
hey.... about that quick fix....  
no... I like to eat 
so you mean I have to track my food? count macros and calories? 
even.... gulp worklout!!!??
oh all right  
if I have to  
and there will be weight fluctuations even?? 
how is that even FAIR???!!!  
you mean I have to learn to work through all this 
oh..... all right.... 
you mean I can ACTUALLY like what I am eating? 
and enjoy this proccess? 
even make this a ..... gulp.... lifestyle? 
okay... I am in!!!  
keep going? 
no magic prize at the end of the rainbow?  
just a sense of well being? 
feeling good about myself? 
and feeling good in my skin?  
okay let's do this peeps!!!! 

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