Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thank you Housewives

Carbs... gluten.. and other confusing topics 
okay before I start this post .... 
calm down Anne... 
she is my Blogger pal 
total low carb amazing gal!!! 
but I have tried the whole low carb thing and felt AWFUL 
works for some ... not me 
everyone is different... I do whole wheat tortillas, Dave's killer bread thin sliced, 
oatmeal, Bimbo High Fiber crispy toast, Quinoa but grain wise that's about it 
I  used to be obsessed with making sure my carbs were super low... I am over that 
I have to admit ... I love me some carbs 
and I stay away from the "unhealthy" carbs... white bread, potatoes, 
white rice, packaged foods but that's me 
but when I have some of everything... fats, protein, carbs I feel better ...
I once heard someone tell me not to eat all three in a meal 
don't do carbs after a certain time 
limit the carbs to just 50
blah blah blah too many rules for me 
I just eat 
stay in my calorie budget 
move my body 
and try to make good food choices
 okay... whatever for me 
hahahaha loving these Housewives gif's 
maybe I should watch an episode ... yah think? nah 

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  1. I agree with you on the super low or no carb diet. It makes me feel AWFUL too.


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