Saturday, May 13, 2017

Thank you Reese Witherspoon

I have had this new attitude lately 
not quite sure where it came from 
but I am enjoying it 80 million percent!!! 
I am okay 
yep you heard it first here!! 
let me say it again 
sure I would like to be smaller... doesn't 98% of the female population? 
but if not... that's okay 
cause I am okay 
I am fit..... I work out regularly 
I eat healthy for the most part 
I can shop in any store now and find clothes 

but on a side note... dang when did clothes get so expensive? 
This shock may be because I have been buying all my clothes from 
Costco and Nordstroms rack for the last few years... 

I have been reading and seeing all this social media about acceptance 
now understand 
I want to be the best version of myself 
and not use this stance to rest on my laurels 
but I am okay 
feels good 
so much more at peace 

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  1. You are awesome! Everyday when I read your blog I am inspired or educated or inspired or all of the above.


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