Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Hawaii is beautiful and relaxing 
Just what I needed 
There's a scale in the hotel gym so I did a day 1 weigh and I can keep myself from going crazy 
No alcohol 
No rice 
I brought vitamins, shakes, some bars, tuna and some almond butter 

And are you ready for this 
Drum roll please 
I wore a BIKINI!!!! First time in over 10 years!!! No I am not exactly where I want to be body wise but I AM exactly where I want to be geographically 
I am going to enjoy this trip and even if I have a couple extra pounds and giggles that's fine 
It felt so fun to go down the circular slide and just enjoy myself
 today we will be snorkeling and go to Mamas fish house have heard It is amazing food 

So far it has been kale salad for me for dinner 
at two different restaurants but they were both AMAZING 

going to hit the Lulumon store today 
Watch out hubster Mama is going to spend some moola 

Tootles from Maui 
Oh also.... The cupcake made its way into the trash 
Later taters 


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