Wednesday, May 10, 2017

what's so hard?

what is the hardest thing about weight loss? 
eating less? 
eliminating the "fun" foods? 
no not for me the hardest thing is patience 
understanding it doesn't happen overnight 
and also in a weird way when people notice, this totally FREAKS me out 
and can push me to regain 
weird huh? 
I have to keep track .... I am a need to weigh daily kinda gal 
otherwise I hide in a hole and half a pound gain can turn into a 5 pound gain 
I just have to face the music... DAILY 
I know this about myself 
but that being said, I still can't seem to wrap this twisted, sick brain 
around the fact that tomorrow I won't wake up 20 pounds thinner 
Then there is the argument going on in my head.... really? 
do you NEED to lose this weight? really? Girl you look great!!! 
then 5 minutees late OH boo hoo I am sooooo fat!!! 
Then let's go back to the receiving compliments and recognition for hard work 
oh that's a freak out moment there 
HIDE!!!!! go climb back into your fat suit... hide where no one see's you 
what's that all about?

this chick needs therapy!!!! 

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