Sunday, May 21, 2017


who is my biggest saboteur? 
I have had a successful few weeks... 
which for me to be able to put together WEEKS is HUGE 
I am great at stringing a few days together
 but I can't tell you when HONESTLY when it was into the WEEKS 
so what do I wake up to today?..... buzz buzz buzz in my head 
change this, quit that, start this 
I am my biggest saboteur 
I have actually had some people put candy on my desk.... 
mind you AFTER I told them 
"no thank you" 
they set it on my desk "just in case you change your mind" like WHAT!!!!???? 
well you know where that candy ended up 

If I had a nickle for every time I heard people say 
"It won't hurt you, live a little" 
I live a lot thank you, and quite nicely and happily without your whatever  

then there is my wonderful husband.... 
who bless his heart cannot eat a SINGLE meal 
without offering me MULTIPLE times for some of his 
and I don't mean occasionally 
He's a knucklehead 

but it's me who is the biggest saboteur.... 
I need to relax 
let things work 
stay the course 
stay in my OWN lane 
keep my eye's on ME 

why is something so simple, yet so hard??? 

ahhh life 
food is packed and planned 
just do it Karla
I got this! 

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  1. Oh yes! You have got this! I totally know what you mean about self-sabotage. It is a daily battle, but we will get through.


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