Saturday, June 3, 2017


I decided to start this weight loss journey at 50
slow starter that I have always been 
now 7 and a half years later
wow how is that possible??!!! 
I have been blogging for 7 and a half years!!!!!!! 
hot flash's, night sweats, mood swings 
dark spots on my arms, hands and face
insomnia ... metabolism is slowing -> hence the dedication to the gym 
and now the newest fun aging symptom 
thinning skin 
the backs of my hands are all banged up!  

liquid band aid is my new best friend 
all this being said.... 
I am going at this whole aging phase 
la natural 
no botox, no eyebrow tattooing 
no fake eyelashes, no fake hair extensions 
no hair dye, no lift and tuck 
just me and Mother nature 
I got this! 
sagging and bagging gracefully through time 
me and spanx 
I feel blessed though 
so many people don't get the opportunity I have been given 

it's precious 
I am constantly reminding myself 

felling sappy this morning 

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