Sunday, June 11, 2017

as I age .... let's just talk

as I age ......
I sleep less 
my usual is about 6-7 hours 
My body temperature gage is broken 
I am either freezing 
or boiling hot 
all usually within moments of each other 
makes wardrobe selection a bit of an issue 
I have A LOT of sweaters.... off/on/off/on 
My skin is thinner.... more scrapes and ouchies 
I forget stuff
if I had a nickle for all the times I have heard this 
"remember?... I TOLD you" 
ahhh NO 
which is exactly the problem ... duh 
Brown spots on my skin...
on my arms, legs, face 
oh well .... I like to think I am getting freckles as I age 
Grey hair... now this one I have embraced 
I like my hair grey... took a long time to grow out the dyed color 
oh and the texture of my hair is different... 
not that creamy silky smooth ...
now it's a little coarser 
yeah fun times 
oh and soooo much more 
More of the "I don't give a hoot" attitude is evident
I am becoming the worlds biggest skeptic...
very very very cautious ..... hummmmm 
I kind of like the "I don't give a hoot" part 
I don't have to worry as much about what YOU think 
cause frankly I don't care as much 
so many things have changed 
what's next on the radar? 
I am fighting the physical changes HARD 
I think I have FINALLY begun to understand 
IF I WANT to lose weight 
not just yakkity yak about it 
I have to reduce my calories 
like SERIOUSLY reduce them 
but then there's the little thing.... 
how much does it matter to me? 
cheesecake or size 6? 
last night I chose the size 6 goal and passed on the cheesecake 
truthfully my degrees of importance 
change all the time 
just pondering life here at 3:30AM 
tootles folks 


  1. I Love but it!!!!! I have this week been pondering the age thing. It is much harder to lose weight now than it was even 10 years ago! And I am seeing more and more signs of aging....even though I still think of myself as much younger! That said....I'm not aiming for a size six.....I'm just aiming for healthy!!!!!

  2. You and me both, Karla.
    Approaching the next milestone (60) is an 'interesting' journey.
    I love my grey hair too, but am less taken with a few other things... poor sleep, eyesight, memory, skin condition, etc., and that dodgy thermostat! And where do these bruises keep coming from?
    But, like you, I am finding that I don't give a tinkers about what other people think of me - well, mostly. Really rather liberating.
    Then there's this weight business... I gotcha. Having relaxed the rules over a week of holiday and gained a kilo, it really, really wants to stay! WTF?
    Yep, I need to commit to the same decision you've made.
    Cheers, Deniz

  3. HI Chick... thanks for visiting my blog. I am totally there with you on so many of those freakin' changes we all go through. Totally sucks to be a menopausal woman eh?


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