Tuesday, June 13, 2017

back to basics again and again and again.....

tracking... blog entries starting tomorrow will be boring as all get out 
food pictures 
and just something 
which is better than nothing 
today's something was 20 minutes treadmill
which I did every. single. day. in 2010
and the year I was the most successful in my weight loss 
so I figure why not? 
so let's see how the rest of this year shakes out 
shall we? 
food packed

20 minutes done 
off to get ready for work 
tootles see yall mañana

1 comment:

  1. Your 20 min is awesome! Plus you never know how much of a snowball your 20 min may create. Someone clicks along and sees you did 20 and says Hmmm I can do 20 too! Now I am not saying *i* am doing that. Hah But I have done it before. :)


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