Sunday, June 4, 2017

High ho Silver

Good morning blog world 
I have been logging 
every day: weight, calories and tracking workouts 
and now I am solo in the gym 
so here is the month in recap: 
calories average 1733 
workouts average 5.5
weight lost 4.6
so of course this morning I wake up... excited to recap the last month 
did I mention I am a bit of a nerd? 
and think ahh phooey this isn't working 
slow down there Tanto!! 
I am doing GREAT 
I am on course 
I don't want to jinx anything 
but let's just do another month and then we'll see where I am 
if it's another 4.6 pounds lost 
then I will be OVER THE MOON!!! 
High Ho Silver!!!

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